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Great Rolex Sky-Dweller Bracelet of Oysterflex

As Rolex’s most advanced technology watch, Sky-Dweller is not a cheap replica watch – especially not pure gold. The retail prices of the new facilities are as follows:
Officially, all of Rolex’s latest releases go on sale on September 2nd. However, getting your hands on one is probably going to be even more difficult than usual. The temporary shutdown of manufacturing facilities earlier in the year is expected to have led to a decrease in Rolex’s overall production up to 30% or 40%. Unless your local AD is a very good friend or owes you a favor, you may need to find a brand new sky dweller in a retail store.
Surely, the flip-side to that is that should you actually be lucky enough to buy one at retail, chances are that you will be getting yourself a decent investment. Sky-Dweller prices on the pre-owned market – especially the White Rolesor models – are increasing rapidly. Even though the gold pieces rarely perform quite as well, these new models on Oysterflex bracelets could still be a highly valuable asset.
Despite a somewhat slow start, the Rolex Sky-Dweller has grown in acceptance and these new additions are likely only going to help. The watch’s functions are both useful and unique and the jet-black Oysterflex bracelet adds a nice sophisticated yet relaxed flavor to the collection. It also gives a great contrast against the radiance of the cases, and the dial choice is an intelligent one. The little red GMT triangle in each is just enough of a pop of color to keep the whole thing elevated.
Still, there is no denying that some collectors want to make more dramatic changes to their collections. However, 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of The Day Dweller, and we know Rolex’s birthday celebrations will be nice, so maybe something bigger is on the way!