Natural Dairy Products Corp. would like you to get to know a little more about who we are and what we stand for.  We are a family owned business operating since 1995.  We produce and distribute the Natural By Nature line of grass-fed, organic dairy products nationwide.  By purchasing Natural By Nature dairy products, you are directly supporting small, family-owned farms—farmers who are stewards of the land they farm and of our environment.

"To promote and support organic farming and the sustainable use of our natural resources. To produce foods that benefit consumers and farmers alike. To use the principles of grass based dairy production as a means to improve the quality of our products, maximize the health of our cows and protect our watersheds. To make a living for our families based on these strongly held principles."

We have a talented and dedicated team who make it all happen behind the scenes …

Ned & Susan MacArthur, Owners:
  Ned and Susan have a firm commitment to grass based, organic farming.    Ned is a history major, and Susan an Anthropology major, and a licensed Massage Therapist.  Both attended Colorado College, which is where they first met.  They live in West Grove, and have two 22year old twin daughters.  Along with Ned’s father Norman, they founded Natural Dairy Products back in 1994, before organic was “cool”.  They started the company out of the basement of their home, and have watched it grow from 4 original farms, to a $12 Million dollar business over the last 15 years.  Ned enjoys farming, and farms a large piece of land behind our bldg.  He provides quality organic hay to many of our farmers.

Stephanie McVaugh, Operations Mgr:   
Stephanie has a Bachelors of Science with a concentration in Business Management, and has been with us since 1999.  Steph’s primary focus here is scheduling milk loads into the bottling plant, scheduling and over-seeing production of the by-products, new product development, and quality control … from the meadow to the market.  Steph loves to take trips to the beach and likes to fish.

Dawn Fenstermacher, General Mgr: 
Dawn has been with us since 2002 and has 20 years of experience in business management.  Her role here is primarily focused on the financial side of the business.  She is responsible for licensing, reporting, contracts, accounting, payroll, human resources, and general oversight.  Dawn has a commitment to sustainable agriculture, is kind of a “foodie” with a passion for cooking with fresh, local, organic ingredients, and loves to travel.

Karen Hackett, Customer Service: 
Our hard working, helpful customer service representative.

Amy Simms: 
Amy has a BS in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Wildlife Ecology from Oregon State University.  Amy is our Sustainability Analyst, researching and implementing more earth friendly practices at our office/warehouse here in Avondale, as well as our offsite manufacturing facilities and on the dairy farms.  Amy is a certified LEED Green Associate who has a real passion for the environment, and recently completed a one year Biodiversity Study on a sampling of our farms which shows how organic farming practices aid in a healthier balance of wildlife, plants and insects.  She is our lab liaison for farm milk samples and runs DMC’s (direct microscope counts) on raw milk samples. Amy is also our primary customer liaison and takes all the orders from our distributors. She has been with NDP since 2005.

Jay Totman, Sales Mgr:  
Jay left his previous career as a chef to join our team in 2004.  You won’t catch Jay in the office much.  He’s typically out meeting with our distributors, talking with store dairy managers, and drumming up new business. He’s been a huge part of our success at Natural Dairy. Jay is an avid Eagles fan, who resides in Southern Chester County PA with his lovely wife Carolyn of 26 years and their children Courtney, Daulton and Kaitlyn.


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